Handling and Storing Briess Ingredients

The proper handling and storage of Briess ingredients is critical for successful food processing and manufacturing.

Dry Ingredients

We recommend that our customers establish standard written procedures and train staff on properly receiving and storing Briess ingredients. Here are several tips to considering incorporating into written procedures for your operation:

Receiving Product

  • Designate responsibility to one person.
  • Ensure trailer and load are clean and without debris.
  • Ask driver about products shipped simultaneously.
  • Inspect each bag/pallet during unloading for tears, oil stains, foreign substances, etc. If contamination is suspected, stop unloading. If product is lost, customer should sign the Bill of Lading attesting to exceptions and notify Briess Customer Service immediately.
  • All shipments from Briess distribution centers are palletized and stretch wrapped. Full truckload shipments have a cable lock seal on the trailer. If shipment is not palletized and/or shrink wrapped, please note on Bill of Lading and advise Briess Customer Service immediately. In this case, palletize before storage.

Storage Area

Product Storage (inspect at least weekly)

Product Usage


Train Staff

Train personnel to be aware of product condition each time grain is used. This will quickly become automatic.

Contract Pest Control Service

A pest control service can typically be contracted for a
reasonable fee. They inspect, supply and service bait
stations, provide chemical treatment if necessary, and offer
preventive advice.

Liquid Ingredients

Receiving Product

Storage Area

Product Storage

Product Usage

Storing Opened Product

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