Helping you solve difficult color, flavor, function and label formulating challenges may call for a custom solution. That’s our specialty.

Custom Development and Processing

Even the most extensive natural ingredient portfolio may not solve your unique formulating challenges. At Briess, we strive to be experts in our trades and use our technical expertise to help our customers grow business.

Our technical team of scientists and specialists work continuously to assure the Briess product portfolio is at the lead of modern trends in our industries. We were the first supplier to develop and market a gluten free syrup that functions like malt extract for the production of gluten free beer. More recently, we launched a first-of-its-kind whole grain sweetener that sweetens and increases whole grain content while simultaneously reducing added sugars to help food manufacturers respond to pending label changes.

Our technical team is also experienced working side-by-side R&D teams in some of the largest food, beverage, pet food and brewery companies. Let us help solve your formulating challenge.

Custom products can be developed by varying raw materials, processes, blending and packaging to produce custom products tailored to your exact needs. We offer toll processing using our facilities, and are willing to explore partnerships that utilize our equipment capabilities in new ways to make unique finished products for you.

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