Cereal + Granola

Improve the taste, eye appeal, processing and label of cereal and granola with Briess natural, specialty ingredients.


InnoSweet Sprouted Whole Wheat Powder is a 100% pure whole grain natural sweetener that reduces added sugar on the label while adding natural sweetness and whole grain. Ready-to-eat.

Briess Standard and Specialty Malt Extracts are pure malt extracts that provide varying levels of sweetness, flavor and color. Made from 100% pure malted barley. Label as “Malt Extract”. Offered in liquid and powder. Ready-to-eat.

BriesSweet White Grain Sorghum Extracts are natural, gluten free sweeteners distinguished by light color and clean, wildflower honey-like flavor. They are produced only by Briess from the starchy grain heads of white sorghum. Other sorghum syrups are typically produced from the cane of the red sorghum plant, and have a harsh, bitter flavor and dark color. BriesSweet White Grain Sorghum Extracts contain the same reducing sugars and amino acids that promote browning as malt extract. Made from 100% pure white grain sorghum. Label as “Grain Sorghum Extract” or “White Grain Sorghum Extract”. Offered as liquid and dry. Ready-to-eat.

BriesSweet Tapioca Syrups are natural, enzyme-produced sweeteners. They have a neutral flavor with varying levels of sweetness and viscosity, and little to no color contribution. Made from 100% pure tapioca starch. Label as “Tapioca Syrup”. Offered in liquid and dry. Ready-to-eat.

BriesSpecialty Diastatic Malt Flours are enzyme-active light colored, flavorful malts milled into whole grain flour that deliver both function and label benefits. Milled from 100% pure malted barley or wheat. Label as “Malted Barley Flour” or “Malted Wheat Flour”.

BriesSpecialty Nondiastatic Malt Flours are whole grain flours milled from specialty malts. Use for subtle to intense flavor adjustment with light to almost black color adjustment. They promote browning and extend shelf life. Milled from 100% pure malted barley. Label as “Malted Barley Flour”.

Insta Grains® Pregelatinized Ingredients have reduced cook times to save you time and input costs by eliminating the need to soak or precook. Incorporate Insta Grains® ingredients directly into your dough for natural, healthy multigrain goodness, flavor and eye appeal. Flakes maintain their structure in dough and batters. Made from 100% pure grain for a simple, clean label.

Specialty Sprouted Grains are grains that have been truly sprouted — fully soaked in water to initiated sprouting — then heat treated at the optimum time to preserve the sprout and healthy, wholesome character of the modified, nutritious grain. These whole grain ingredients naturally enhance flavor, adjust color, improve eye appeal and have no enzymes that would break down a dough system. An excellent way to increase whole grains while adding “sprouted” to the label.

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