Using a proprietary, natural process in an SQF certified facility, Briess has the ability to pregelatinize whole grains and starches into specialty reduced cook time ingredients for healthier, better-for-you food products.

Since 1990

The Insta Grains® line of natural, reduced cook time ingredients were introduced in 1990, in the early days of today’s robust Health & Wellness food platform.

Flavor & Color

Pregelatinizing develops appealing flavor and color in grains and starches, eliminating the “raw grain” flavor and improving the taste and aroma of better-for-you foods.

Holding Firm

A proprietary natural pregelatinizing process results in flaked grains that hold their structure in doughs, soups and stews for product identity and eye appeal.

Available as Ready-to-Eat

Our line of natural, specialty Insta Grains® ingredients are available as conventional and ready-to-eat, offering food manufacturers the ability to lower input costs, streamline processing and easily incorporate multi- and whole grains into many baked goods, bars and other food products at any step in processing.

Function and Flavor

By varying the natural gelatinizing process and creating proprietary processing recipes, we have developed an extensive portfolio of Insta Grains® ingredients with different levels of reduced cook time and product functionality. These ingredients can be incorporated directly into the dough, eliminating the need to soak or precook raw grains. Our gelatinizing process also develops subtle, appealing flavor in the grains, eliminating a “raw grain” flavor and improving the flavor of your finished bread, bagels, cracker or other food product.

We then flake or mill the ingredients into pregelatinized flour or particles, which expands your natural formulating options.

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