To further expand your natural, healthy formulating options, Briess produces multiple lines of specialty ready-to-eat ingredients.


Validated to achieve a 5-log reduction.

Formulating Options

Briess offers multiple RTE lines to help expand your formulating options.

Clean Label

Briess ready-to-eat ingredients are natural and produced with no artificial additives, preservatives or flavors.

Sweeteners and Grains

Ready-to-eat ingredients can be incorporated at any step in processing, greatly expanding your formulating options. Sprinkle on baked breads as healthy, eye catching topics or add to a single-serving yogurt ‘n’ granola grab and go snack.

We operate two SQF certified facilities where multiple lines of ready-to-eat ingredients are produced for you:

Our processes are validated to treat Salmonella species to achieve a 5-log reduction. This maintains the natural, Kosher, organic, gluten free and natural identities of the raw materials. It also ensures microbial loads are reduced to levels that are safe to eat without further processing for general populations. Our high temperature, short-time process uses no harmful chemicals or ionizing radiation to target microbes.

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