Decrease processing time by letting us custom blend part or all of the dry grain ingredients in your formula in a modern, SQF certified plant.

Save Time

Eliminate multiple vendors and warehousing challenges while shortening the time from concept to market.

One or Many

Our flexible blending operations means you can blend from several to many types of grains.

Small to Large

In our flexible blending operations we can blend small to large quantities, and also vary the size of the amount in a typical 2,000-pound tote.


With more than 20 years of custom blending experience, our blending service is distinguished by flexibility so you can customize a blend to a specific application. Custom blends from Briess are efficient to use and make it easier for you to increase the multi- or whole grain content of baked goods, bars, cereal and other food products. Decrease the time and space dedicated to ordering and maintaining multiple grain ingredients with Briess custom blends. We will package your custom blend in 50-pound multi-wall paper bags or 2,000-pound totes. Bulk delivery is also available.

Briess custom blending services options and benefits include:

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