Pet Food + Treats

Improve the taste, eye appeal, processing and label of cat and dog foods and other animal nutrition products with Briess natural specialty ingredients. Briess ingredients deliver benefits that pet owners want: natural; non-GMO; no artificial colors, additive or preservatives; AAFCO compliant; GRAS; simple label declarations; and made in the U.S.A. Organic options available.


Black, Brown + Caramel Malted Barley Flours

We mill these 100% pure, whole grain malted barley flours from our own malt. They’re low fat, high fiber and nondiastatic so they won’t break down dough structure.

Maltoferm® Ultra Sweet Powder

Made from a co-extract of our own malt and corn, this natural sweetener uses no free flow aids or carriers in drying.

BriesSweet Gluten Free Syrups and Solids

Made from pure tapioca starch for natural sweetness with little or no flavor.

BriesSweet Gluten Free White Grain Sorghum Extracts and Solids

Made from the grain from the white sorghum plant for natural sweetness with honey-like flavor.

Malt Extracts

At 9g of protein per 100g, malt extract is the most nutritious sweetener available. Made from pure, 100% malted barley. No free flow aids or carriers are used in drying. Offered in liquid and dry.

Insta Grains® Pregelatinized Ingredients

These reduced cook time grains require no soaking or precooking. They are pure, natural, nutritious whole grain ingredients offered as whole kernel, flakes, flour and particles. Low micro counts.

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