Batters + Breadings

Improve the taste, eye appeal, processing and label of batters and breadings with Briess natural specialty ingredients.


Briess Standard and Specialty Malt Extracts are pure malt extracts that add sweetness and/or color to homestyle batters. Maltoferm® 10000 and CBW® Sparkling Amber that add subtle sweetness and subtle to light color. Maltoferm A-6000 is pure black malt extract for natural color and no flavor when used at low usage rates. Made from 100% pure malted barley. Label as “Malt Extract”. Offered in liquid and powder. Ready-to-eat. Additional styles are available.

BriesSweet White Grain Sorghum Extracts are natural, gluten free sweeteners distinguished by light color and clean, wildflower honey-like flavor. Use in place of Maltoferm® 10000 and CBW® Sparkling Amber for gluten free sweetness. These unique natural sweeteners are produced only by Briess from the starchy grain heads of white sorghum. Other sorghum syrups are typically produced from the cane of the red sorghum plant, and have a harsh, bitter flavor and dark color. Made from 100% pure white grain sorghum. Label as “Grain Sorghum Extract” or “White Grain Sorghum Extract”. Offered as liquid and dry. Ready-to-eat.

Insta Grains® Pregelatinized Flours have reduced cook times to save you time and input costs by eliminating the need to soak or precook. Incorporate Insta Grains® ingredients directly into your batter for natural, healthy multigrain goodness, flavor and eye appeal. Pregelatinizing develops appealing flavor, eliminating any “raw grain” taste. In batters and breadings, Insta Grains® Pregelatinized Flours work well for dusting, especially Insta Grains® Yellow Corn Flour. Insta Grains® are made from 100% pure grain for a simple, clean label.

Roasted Grain Ingredients are also well suited for dusting, especially Briess® Yellow Dent Corn Flour Medium Grind, Medium Roast. For breading, try Briess® Yellow Dent Corn Grit, Medium Roast or gluten free Insta Grains® RTE Brown Rice Crumb in a breading for seafood. Dark Roasted Barley Grits function as a pepper extender in breading.

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